Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 Reasons you should be eating Responsibly Ranch Raised Bison Meat

If you read our blog, you know that we raise bison here at Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch.  You probably also know that we are affiliated with the National Bison Association (NBA), that we sell bison meat products at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks in Springfield, MO and that we offer tours, cabin rentals and hunting opportunities all at our Southern Missouri bison ranch.  But what you may be wondering is: why eat bison?  Allow me to shed some light on the subject:

Bison tastes good.

Really, really, good.  Before coming to work at Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch, I had little to no experience with eating bison meat. In fact, I just assumed it was an elitist Montana tourist food. But then I ate some. And I haven't eaten beef since.

Bison Top Sirloin Steak
A Bison Top Sirloin Steak, available from our sister website:

Thanks to ranches like ours across the United States, bison meat is becoming more readily available and affordable for the common man. Yes, beef is still cheaper. But it's nowhere near as tasty or as healthy for you! Bison meat possesses a rich, sweet flavor all its own – it isn't gamey tasting like some people think. Chances are, if you've had gamey tasting bison, it wasn't raised well or it was cooked wrong. Well-raised and properly cooked bison meat isn't just a meal – it's an experience! An experience that has half the fat of beef, less fat than skinless chicken and more protein. In fact, bison meat is so healthy for you, it's on the Mayo Clinic diet. How can you go wrong?

It preserves the species

Demand for bison meat is what keeps the American Bison going as a species. It gives these majestic creatures value (monetary as well as intrinsic) and encourages farmers, ranchers and livestock enthusiasts everywhere to give the big guys a home. It ensures that bison mamas will keep giving birth to new calves every year so that herd numbers continue to swell. People like you who make the choice to eat a healthier, more natural meat are what continues to proliferate the bison – and we thank you.

Bison Grazing on Southern Missouri Bison Ranch
Our bison eat native grasses and are responsibly ranch raised with no hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

Bison meat is Responsibly Ranch Raised

Here at Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch, we give our bison and our customers a promise: a promise to produce Responsibly Ranch Raised bison meat. Our bison are raised in their natural environment: on grass. We make sure to provide a respectful, low stress lifestyle for our animals that mimics the way they would live in the wild. To accomplish this we use management practices that include management intensive rotational grazing, planting native grasses for the bison to forage on, and providing lots of room in our pastures for the herds to spread out and graze, wallow and interact with one another. Another very important aspect of our Responsibly Ranch Raised promise is that our bison do not, and will not, receive antibiotics, steroids or hormones in any way, shape or form. Period. Good for the bison, good for the land, and good for you! We promise.

These are some of the reasons why we eat bison meat – and we'd love to hear about yours!  Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tell us why YOU choose to eat bison.


  1. I heard that Bison meat has a lot of protein. I would love to try this meat, since they promise no hormones, no antibiotics, no steroids. Moreover, this kind of meat is lower in saturated fat as well! Why not to try?

  2. I have not tried bison meat yet, but I heard that it is very similar to beef.


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