Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big Bucks On The Move!

Hey everyone,

The hickory leaves are yellow, the persimmon trees are red, and the scenery is beautiful here on the ranch. It won't be long until the oaks turn as well, and the fall colors will take over the landscape. My favorite natural event of the year and it seems that as soon as it's here, it's gone. 

The last time I wrote two weeks ago, the rye grass was newly planted and the cows had not started calving yet. I'm happy to say now that the rye is up and we have seven Angus calves on the ground! 

I check the cows twice a day, and so far I've witnessed one birth and watched two calves take their first steps, as well as their first drinks of milk. It really is a miracle what goes on in the cow pasture, and I'm really enjoying the excitement of calving season right now. Hopefully it's nice and steady until all the calves are born. Hopefully.

Angus cows and calves on the ranch.

Now for the deer talk. 

Just as I hoped and expected, the big bucks are starting to roam around checking beds, and I'm getting pictures.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Soybean Competition Results Are In!

Hey everyone, 

The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and the first frost is right around the corner.  It's really feeling like fall around here. With that comes fall calving in our Angus herd, and planting rye grass for winter grazing. I've been checking the cows every morning and every night for the last couple of weeks and still no babies. A few of the cows look overdue. I'm expecting to see the first calf of the year any day. 

Monday and Tuesday I spent in the tractor discing and preparing a seed bed for rye grass seed, Thursday Randy planted it, and Saturday we got an inch an a half of good slow rain. It all worked out perfect for once! Within the week or ten days it will germinate and we will have a good stand of rye grass, dark green in color, looking like a big beautiful green carpet. 

The Saturday morning sky, just before it cut loose and rained all day.

Now for the deer talk. 

A week ago I was checking cows and I saw a bachelor group of six bucks hanging out together in an oak timber. I'm very anxious to check cameras next weekend and see if they have been wandering over to the food plots at night. They were over a mile away from where the cameras are but I'm happy that they are living on the property. Two of those bucks were VERY nice, and I do not have pictures of any of them yet. 

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