Sunday, November 3, 2013

Leaves are Falling and Deer are On the Move

Hey everyone,

The last time I wrote, we had 7 calves on the ground and the leaves were just starting to turn.  Two weeks later, we now have 18 Angus calves on the ground, the leaves have turned, and we've experienced our first, second, and third frost of the season.  Fall is here. 

Early morning frost.

It's an exciting, but also sad time of the year for me.  I so look forward to the beauty of the turning leaves, but once they start, it's over in a matter of days.  We are right in the middle of that short time period.  Five days ago the oaks were blood red and burnt orange, the hickorys were bright yellow, the sycamores were yellow as well, and the persimmons were vibrant red.  It lasted just a few days, and now most of the leaves are pretty much brown.  It was beautiful while it lasted. 

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