Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Starting to get Fall Fever...

Hey everyone,

First off, the weather has been beautiful and it's really getting me excited for fall.  Towards the end of each of the four seasons, I usually become excited for the change. For example, when the Winter is coming to an end and the temperature starts to rise, I start to think about grass greening up, leaves on the trees, spring turkey hunting, picking mushrooms, and catching crappie. When Springtime turns to summer, I think about long daylight hours, warm nights, big bass in the shade, and cruises through the countryside. This time of the year, especially since we've had cool temperatures and dry air, I think about leaves turning, days getting shorter, football on the tube, and big bucks looking for love. 

Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year.  I do love winter also because of the bobcat trapping, coyote calling, and fun in the snow, but it just always seems to come too fast and stay too long. Fall is when the hoodies come out and the chili starts cooking, which means it's time to spend some quality time in the woods. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thank You!

Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank you all one more time for tuning in last week to see us on Campfire Stories TV. We had viewers from all over the country, and I hope that this blog reaches you all as well. 

We have been very busy around here working on the corral, working livestock, weaning calves, and hosting company. I did find the time to check some trail cam pics a few weeks ago and I want to share with you a nice buck we snapped a few pictures of. He still has some growing to do this season, but he's definitely off to a good start. 

The food plots we planted in the spring are doing great as of lately. There for a while, the corn was looking shabby and the beans refused to grow. We have been getting plenty of rain the last couple weeks and the drought in our area is definately over. In fact, the water table is full and our creek has been flooding the last couple of days. It's kind of a hairy situation right now because we are expecting rain every day for the next 7 days, and we have plenty of work to do without dealing with more flooding. 

The competition we have going with the forage soybeans is too close to call right now, but with all this rain I'm sure we will start to see some serious growth in the next couple weeks. It will be interesting to see which brand wins. 

Once more, thanks again for watching our bison hunt with Campfire Stories. I hope everyone that viewed now has a better understanding of what our operation is all about. Please spread the word and don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about a hunt, a visit, or a stay in the cabin.  Take care everyone!

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