Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet Caleb and Klaire, our new Ranch Managers

Howdy folks!

Caleb and Klaire here - your new Ranch Managers at Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch. We are very excited to make our home where the buffalo roam, and we are even more excited to share it with you! You will hear a lot about the ranch and the bison in the weeks ahead - but first, a bit about us:


I had always known that my career would involve agriculture in some way, but I can honestly say that I didn’t see "Bison Ranch Manager" as a viable option. But here I am now, and I can promise that I am here to stay for quite some time. This is a dream career for me. Whether that be managing the grazing patterns of our bison to optimizing the growth from the pastures or even just welding up gates for the chicken yard, it seems that everything I have learned and developed a passion for has led me here to give this place my all. 

In my spare time I enjoy blacksmithing, leather craft, carpentry, gardening and cooking.


Well folks, my name is Klaire with a K. I grew up hearing cowboy stories from my father and have long aspired to have a ranching career - I just never expected it to involve bison! My roles at Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch include publicizing and promoting the ranch by way of blogging, writing and networking, working on the ranch's upcoming business selling bison meat at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks, assisting Caleb with ranch duties like fencing, welding, daily feeding chores, record keeping, etc, and keeping a neat and tidy ranch house.

Some of my interests include creative writing and poetry, horses, cooking, yoga and reading. I have had some of my writing published in newspapers and magazines around the country, and I have traveled from as far south as Livingston, Texas and as far north as Broadus, Montana to train horses. I am also a CHA Certified Riding Instructor. I have spent much of my life on the back of my horse, and so far it's my favorite place to be! I love to take road trips, and I'm fond of learning hands on skills that I think all women should know – like welding, chopping wood and hunting.
Caleb and I met our first year at college.  We both discovered that we had a common passion for all things outdoors and a sustainable lifestyle and well, here we are!  We will be getting married this summer and couldn't be happier.

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  1. You are two amazing people (and I'm not saying this because I'm your grandma :-) The Lord has brought you to this place and will bless you and all that come. See you in July for the BIG EVENT!


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