Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bison Calves Born on the Ranch

Hey everyone,

I'm taking advantage of another rainy morning to inform you that it's officially calving season! They actually started about two weeks ago, but we have had 11 calves since then.

The first three bison calves were all born on the same day, and it's been one here, one there since then. For all of you that have never seen a bison calf, they are really cute with an orangish brown color, and soft, almost fuzzy fur.

Minutes after the calves are born they are on their feet running. Keep in mind that a few hundred years ago on the open plains, if the calves were not able to move with the herd immediately, predators would have easily killed them. This adaptation is part of the reason that the bison herds of long ago grew to be so huge. 

If anyone would like to come check out the new babies, shoot me an email or give me a call and we will set you up. I can drive up to them fairly close without the mothers getting too nervous, but for safety reasons we will stay in the truck.

I've attached some pictures for you all to enjoy.  The last one is of our biggest bull using the truck to scratch an itch!  Take care!

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